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Believe in the Silver Lining

Change is a theme we’ve heard about a lot this year. Now that one fourth of 2009 has passed, how are you doing with the changes you were hoping to make in the new year? I like to check in with clients quarterly so they can assess how plans are coming and I am a fan of the plan, I must admit! I have a feeling that 09 will continue to test our collective mettle. We need a special dose of courag

Vision for a new year

Happy New Year! How are you doing with this one? Do you feel prepared – you know, with your list of things to do and ways to change? Did you slip easily into the new year, relaxed and ready to enjoy all that 2008 holds for you? Or did you come kicking and screaming into January as though you are already late for something? Fear not! It’s ok. It may even be better than OK! New years can b

Time for a Change

I am very grateful for both of my children. Even at 20 and 24, they are a continual source of joy to me and I learn so much from them. Yesterday at Sunday breakfast my son commented that he knew the new job he was just offered was right for him. When I asked him how he knew he said that he’s nervous. I’m sure I gave him my typical quizzicle mom look and he elaborated. When he feels

Establishing a Practice

This morning I woke thinking about the word “discipline”. I actually spend a fair amount of time talking about this word in my work as a Certified Positive Dicipline Associate. But I usually speak about the verb which means to teach or to guide. Today I was thinking about the noun as in having the discipline to rise early each day and do something for myself like walk or write. Wha

Kids and Chores

It is a beautiful fall morning in central Illinois, and as I was walking early this morning, I noticed a couple of kids who made me smile. I was thinking back over the parent talk I gave last week, and the teacher training I did over the weekend. In both settings, I talked about how important it is for each of us to feel a sense of belonging and importance. Without these two, it is hard to stay en

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