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Dina has done workshops/seminars for us on Positive Discipline and challenging behaviors for years now and she is ALWAYS a hit. Her presentation/teaching style is perfect for both the professionals and family members who attend our workshops and the participants are always fully engaged. She is so gentle and soft spoken, yet I’m always astounded at how she captures and keeps the audiences attention!  – Evelyn Polk Green

Dina provided Positive Discipline training to the staff, leadership and parent body of Compass Montessori. Her depth of understanding, presentation and professionalism were outstanding! I highly recommend Dina!
– Tracy McIlrath, Head of School, Compass Montessori School


Our experience with Dina has been excellent. Presentations are customized to meet the specific needs of our professional community. Adult learning theory is incorporated into presentations to keep participants active and engaged. Attendees consistently rate Dina’s presentations as superior in all regards. In brief, Dina Emser is responsive to the needs of our staff, committed to advancing the achievement of all, and demonstrates great integrity with regard to time and services. She is ethical and highly professional in all work-related endeavors. She is warm, personable, and one of our absolute favorite staff developers.

D. Oldenburg, IL

“Dina is a bright, personable authority on the topics upon which she provides training. Attendees attention and participation in her workshops make for a ‘fun’ learning experience. She has the ability to help each individual look at herself and vision what she can become. We have just hired Dina again, as a consultant with parents in our program.”
Jan Deissler



In my role as the chairperson for this workshop committee, it was my responsibility to contact a speaker, secure their services and work out the details of an agenda, supporting documentation, travel arrangements, and so on. Dina was a pleasure to work with in this capacity. Her timeliness in responding to all requests for information was wonderful. She was able to accommodate our workshop size, location and audience as requested. Her materials were timely and provided in advance for the committee to use as approval for licensing requirements, as well as for readying packets for the attendees.

K. Capra, MI

“Dina presented to an employee resource group focused on Parent Leadership. As Chair of that group, I had the opportunity to work with her from concept to finished presentation. She was a joy to work with, and her presentation was well received by attendees, based on verbal and written feedback from the audience. We’d definitely work with Dina again in the future!”
Brian Jilek

“I met Dina at NASAP’s annual conference. She was doing a presentation with a colleague about coaching. I was impressed by her self-confident and warm demeanor, the quality of her presentation and her professionalism: her presentation was well documented, logically organized, engaging, easy to follow, interesting, interactive and well constructed. She left participants with real new in-depth knowledge and I think even curiosity to find out more! I would recommend Dina for a presentation any day.
Pascale Brady


Sales Meeting

Working with Dina was effortless. I e-mailed her information about our sales force, annual meeting, and ideas of the outcome we desired. She also did her own background work by learning about Pearl through our company’s website. I had several specific requests on what our team was expecting, which she took into consideration while forming her discussion with the group. Dina was excellent at putting her knowledge of the company and my requests together to create a discourse that far exceeded my expectations.
M. McWethy, IL



Dina’s top notch coaching skills offered me an excellent balance between challenging me to push in accomplishing tasks and adopting new perceptions and encouraging me at the same time. Dina valued my time and used our coaching calls for my maximum benefit. Dina cares about her clients’ successes and sees the potential for what her clients can become.   Kelly Pfeiffer

“Dina is always professional and delivers what she promises.”
Dennis Slape

“I highly recommend Dina for any work you have the opportunity to do with her. She is an “out of the box” thinker who encourages people to reach their greatest potential. Dina has a gift for meeting people where they are and bringing their learning and performance to levels greater than even dreamed of.”
Lori Onderwyzer

“Dina Emser is a highly skilled individual who is not only motivates, but will allow you to view things you think you’ve already thought about in a new and thought-provoking way. With this analysis, comes growth and development. Dina is a GREAT coach!”
Alice Boghosian,

“As a coach, Dina is able to be compassionate at the same time that she is encouraging you to stretch and take on challenges. This strikes me as a rare combination — this balance of empathy for the client and holding the client to his or her goals. With her coaching you, you feel supported, focused, guided, and ultimately successful. A professional who treats her clients with respect and understanding, Dina genuinely enjoys helping people become their best, most fully developed selves.”
Sheila Bartle

“Dina came highly recommended to me during a career transition. After working with her, I see why she was so highly recommended and continue to be impressed with her skills and insight. Coaching is a highly personal experience, and Dina uses a personal but highly professional approach to her work. She is very detail oriented, encouraging me to consider new approaches for various situations. She is very knowledgeable about personal development tools, processes, and techniques. Her sense of humor makes difficult discussions easier. I also recommend her workshops – she relates to each person, responds in a non-critical manner, and creates an atmosphere of possibility. I highly recommend Dina as a coach and educator!”
Sandy Anton,

“Making the call was the hard part. Engaging provided results well beyond the resources I invested (time and costs). Dina helped blend personal/family/career goals and more closely define my core values adding to recent successes on all levels!”
Jenni Bateman,

“Dina provided structure, focus and creativity to help me accomplish critical goals. I can say definitively that I wouldn’t be where I am today (a very good place) without Dina’s support.”
Janet Bantz Glavin,

“Dina is a fabulous coach. I know from personal experience. Whenever I need help I love to work with Dina. She is supportive, encouraging and “gently tough” when needed. Dina has my highest recommendation.”  Jane Nelsen

“Dina is a true professional and someone that I felt very comfortable working with on various topics. I highly recommend her services as a professional development coach.”
Toby Quinton

“I worked with Dina, first as an exploratory step prior to entering the world of professional coaching myself. I got much more than I bargained for with Dina. Prompt, personable, tough when she needs to be and expert at helping clarify and crystallize what I want or need to work on while also keeping me focused and “on task”. First entered into on strictly a professional basis for my business, the gains were exponentially greater in my personal life and the quality gained in it. Great experience on many levels. Dina’s the best!”
Dave Goranson

“Dina is the coach I most often recommend to my friends and family as I trust her completely. She is a masterful coach who combines her skill with compassion and straight-talk. She is fully invested in the best possible outcomes for her clients and coaches, always, with both integrity and heart.” Bobbi Riemenschneider

“Dina is an unusually creative Coach who “hears” with all her senses, deftly culls underlying messages from beneath the words, helps to determines client readiness for action, and skillfully co-creates goal-oriented steps with her clients. Clients have the sense that she deeply knows them. She holds clients accountable gently with gloves on. Clients succeed at what they set out to do, and look back with admiration for Dina who was at the helm at every turn holding a safe place for exploration and accomplishment during the entire process – with love. One can’t ask for better!”
Donella Hess-Grabill,

“Dina is the consummate professional; focused, relevant and still personal. She is a facilitator who manages to ask just the right questions so that you find your solutions were within you all the time. With great “navigation skills” Dina is able to help you to align your goals with practical ways of asking exactly what you want from your client so that you meet you intended goals.” Mary Hogan Jones

“Dina is an excellent partner for you when you want to make changes or simply better understand your life. She assisted me in reaching my goals and pushed me to realize my contribution and my reward from being a life coach myself. She is easy to talk with and is a great gentle and loving supporter.” Eva Dahm

“Dina gave me the tools to save my own life eight years ago. I was between jobs and had no vision of what to do next. As a coach, she encouraged me to dream, helped me to formulate a new plan, and cheered as I put my plan into action. Whenever I have a rough day now, I simply recall her gentle questions and astute observations, and I can empower myself to make the needed changes. Thank you, Dina!”
Jami Hemmenway

“I was in one of those traditional PR/Marketing positions when Dina and I started talking. Through a series of phone calls I realized greater professional potential that eventually resulted in my entrepreneurial leap. I am thrilled with my current professional direction and credit Dina with its start.”
Jeff McSweeney


Lead Trainer
Positive Discipline Association
“I had the distinct privilege of serving on the Positive Discipline Board at the same time as Dina in addition to training with her through Positive Discipline Think Tank events. In addition, I have recommended her as a life coach to personal friends of mine.  As a trainer, Dina is engaging, inviting and invigorating. Her depth of knowledge is impressive, yet she presents in a way that is not intimidating. I have learned volumes of information as well as training tips and methods from Dina.  As a Coach, I know Dina to be effective, compassionate and challenging. My personal friend worked through some very difficult life transitions and now works through life from a place of strength and confidence rather than fear.” Salley Schmid.

“Dina is a wise, compassionate, creative and people-oriented trainer and coach. As lead trainers with Dina through our Positive Discipline Association, I always consider it a privilege to co-facilitate our work with her. Dina’s warmth, careful advanced planning, and ability to create a comfortable learning environment is a plus for all learners. As co-chair of the Family Education Section of the international organization, North American Society of Adlerian Pschology, Dina not only increased section membership, she collaborated with other sections to plan annual conferences and write newsletter articles of interest with literary excellence.”  Mary Hughes.

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"Dina helped blend personal/family/career goals and more closely define my core values adding to recent successes on all levels!”

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