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I will be offering two new online events beginning in January of 2018. Both events are geared to Certified Positive Discipline Educators, Trainer Candidates,  and Trainers.

Parent Coaching Online Course

In this online course, Positive Discipline Certified Educators, Trainer Candidates and Trainers will learn the skills of coaching so you may offer this individualized service to parents in addition to parent education. Parent coaching is a hot topic and most training is costly. While this training does not provide a certificate, it will give you an introduction to the skills of coaching as well as practice on the call and between calls to increase your comfort and competence.

We know from our experience as parent educators that many parents would love to have our support in a more private arrangement. This class will help you develop your skills in working with parents one-on-one or with a couple, and will also provide a structure for your work as a a parent coach.

Participants will be required to purchase and read the book, Co-Active Coaching, Changing Business Transforming Lives, Third Edition by Kimsey-House and Sandahl. Reading will be assigned for each session as follows:

Session 1: Monday, January 8, 2018 8

Overview of the Co-Active Coaching Philosophy

In this session we will talk about the connections between the co-active coaching model and Positive Discipline.

Sessions 2: Monday, January 15, 2018

Exploring the Skills of a Coach

For this session we will begin to explore the coaching skills with a brief definition connecting each skill to 1 of the 5 contexts of coaching.

Session 3: Monday, January 22, 2018

Exploring the Skills of a Coach –Part 2

We will continue our exploration of coaching skills and practice using them on our call.

Session 4: Monday, January 29, 2018

Exploring the Skills of a Coach –Part 3

We will continue our exploration of coaching skills and practice using them on our call. We will discuss which coaching skills align most closely with our Positive Discipline tools and how best to use them in an effective coaching session. We will practice coaching on this call.

Session 5: Monday, February 5, 2018

The Structure of the Coaching

We will look at how the coaching is organized from beginning to end. We will discuss why we need to have a structure to support our work with parents and what information you want to gather about the family and share about yourself and the process. Dina will share forms she has created.

Session 6: February 19, 2018  (NOTE – NO CALL ON FEBRUARY 12)

Putting it All Together

In our last session we will look back at all we have learned about the skills and philosophy of co-active coaching and their connections to Positive Discipline. We will also discuss any questions you have before you gather some clients and set up your practice. A Plan of Action outline will be shared so that all participants can capture their next steps toward their personal coaching goals.


Groups will meet for 6 2-hour sessions on the above dates from 1-3 pm CST. All calls will be recorded for review by group members. The group will be limited to 12 participants and will be offered on the Zoom application so that we may all see one another. Calls will be recorded for review by group members. The class fee is $775, and can be paid in one or two installments with PayPal.

Register here. 

I look forward to working with you in the New Year!



Peer Circle Coaching Group

The Peer Circle Coaching Group is being offered to any Certified Positive Discipline Educator, Trainer Candidate or Trainer who has a goal she/he would like to realize. You will get coaching about your goal on every call, and you will also actively learn how to facilitate your own coaching groups. I will facilitate a straight forward process that is easy to replicate.

Coaching is a term that can mean many things from mentoring, consulting, providing direction, and problem solving. In this group we will be using a model developed by Authenticity Consulting called Circles. By experiencing this as a group member, you will get coaching on your own goal while also learning how to gather and facilitate your own circles if you would like to add group coaching to your skill set and your services.

Each participant will receive a Circles Quick Reference Guide as well as additional materials to increase your understanding of this encouraging and productive process. Slightly different from direct problem solving as we know it in Positive Discipline, the Circle requires members to support each other through useful questions, clarifying needs and goals, sharing resources, and following through with actions.

Each group is limited to 6 members so that every member can get sufficient time to be coached on her/his priority. Video conferencing with the Zoom application will be used so that we can all see each other.  Groups will meet for 8 2-hour sessions on January 11, and 25; February 8 and 22; March 8 and 22; April 5 and June 7 from 12-2 pm CST. All calls will be recorded for review by group members. The fee for participation is $1299.  If you wish to do multiple payments, please email your request,

The New Year offers a great opportunity to make progress on a goal that you have been wishing to realize, and to experience  an additional supportive process to further personal growth, learning and fulfillment for yourself and others.

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