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Teaching Parenting The Positive Discipline Way


Positive Discipline in the Classroom Workshops

are offered twice yearly in Chicago as well as internationally. Dates and registration information can be found at Positive Discipline Association.

Materials Included:
Teaching Manuals

Research has demonstrated the importance of social and emotional
learning, even above academics. Positive Discipline parenting and classroom tools teach valuable social and life skills without using any form of
punishment, rewards, praise, permissiveness and even logical

Participants will:
Learn research based effective tools and techniques for teaching
parents how to use discipline that is kind and firm at the same
time (non-punitive non-permissive)
Learn how to use materials and activities in group settings,
classroom and parenting classes and individual work with families.
Gain practice with experiential exercises for “getting into the
child’s work” to understand the “belief behind behavior” in order
to motivate change.

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