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Looking for Connection

I was coaching a client yesterday about connection. Recently divorced, she is really wanting connection, and feeling scared because she does not have the relationships she wants right now. I asked her to begin really looking for it (versus paying attention to all of the ways she is not experiencing it.)

What we focus on expands. If you are looking for all of the ways you are disconnected from family, friends, community, that is what you will see. If, on the other hand, you open your eyes to all of the ways you do experience connection, this is what you will find.

I put this idea to the test this morning on my walk, and this is what I noticed. I saw the same woman twice – once early on one road, and again about 20 minutes later on a completely different road. I saw my son as he was completing a task for work on the Ranger. I saw a discarded love note on the ground. Written on lined notebook paper with many colors of ink, it said, Angie, You knock my socks off! I saw a very old headstone while I was walking home through the cemetery, that was practically worn smooth. On it was the image of two hands clasped in a handshake. I experienced a nudge from nature when a big walnut fell to the ground with a Pop! about a foot from where I was walking. It brought me back to the present moment, and I felt gratitude that it had not hit me in the head!

We all seek connection. We are social beings–it’s part of the human experience to want to be with others. So today, get out there and connect. Smile, speak, shake hands, hug, meet others eye to eye and be genuine. We’re all in this together!

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