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Making Meaning…

This is my new site. Thanks for stopping by to give it a look. I will be updating it daily to include comments about the things I’m doing – specifically what I’m learning from my coaching clients, and my workshop participants.

For me, it’s all about meaning. I love noticing how we all make meaning from the experiences we have daily. One of the questions I often ask my clients is, “What do you make of that?” In other words, what meaning are you assigning to that encounter with another, or that particular event or experience?

We think we are seeking Truth (with a capital T), but we are really making meaning. And it’s very individual to us. Each of us will make a different meaning from the very same experience. There may be similarities. There will also be differences. It’s called perception.

How about you? What are you learning? What new challenges are you enjoying? Play along, if you’d like, and feel free to comment. Until tomorrow…

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