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I am committed to leading my life so that I can best use my natural talents and gifts, weaving my experience into my coaching practice so that I can help others lead as well.


I really like to work with reluctant leaders, people who have been promoted into leadership positions, or who have promoted themselves by starting their own businesses and have then wondered, how do I do this?


The truth is, that was me. I was a talented classroom teacher who was promoted to the role of school director without any official leadership training. What I did well in a classroom did not quite fit the skill set I needed to be a successful school director, so I learned from experience. I also hired a coach to help me define my new role and goals, recognize my talents, and transition from an enthusiastic team member to an effective team leader.


Now as a coach I help clients clarify their roles and imagine the type of leaders they want to be. In our first session we will explore your natural strengths and personal values, as I believe this information is critical to your success, happiness, and ease as a leader.


I describe my mission as transforming high performance team members to leaders– gracefully.

  • If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you must do…
  • If you want to leverage your strengths to create and lead a team that can get the work done effectively…
  • If you want more joy and less stress at work, school, or home…

…   click on over to my Reviews page and read some of the things people have to say about me. Listen to some audio files and interviews on my Resource page, and if anything feels like a fit, contact me. The first conversation is always free.





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"Dina helped blend personal/family/career goals and more closely define my core values adding to recent successes on all levels!”

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