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Passion Meets Profession

I will be exploring this topic with professional women in leadership positions on October 17 at the Pathways to Success Conference in Peoria, Illinois. We all want to find the right work-the work that expresses who we are and the work that we feel passionate about.

Passion and destiny seemed closely connected. We think if we are fulfilling or honoring our destinies, surely we will feel fire, excitement, passion while we are at work. My sense is that sometimes we are more concerned about the what than we are about the how. For example, you could be running around looking for the perfect job, the job that makes you happy and has you feel fulfilled. It could drive you crazy – always looking, searching for the perfect position, thinking that when you find it, then every day as you leave your home for work, you’ll just feel happy as a clam.

What if fulfilling your destiny has more to be with how you are? So, you can be who you are and express the passion you feel regardless of what your job is. We have all known people like this. People who are passionate about service, or value, or people. It doesn’t seem to matter what their jobs are, they are just good at connecting with people.

Now I’m not going to go so far as to say what you do for a job is not important. That it doesn’t have a huge impact on your life. I’ve coached many people to get more clear about what they want professionally, and I’ve provided accountability for them as they go out and find it. I am saying that you can fulfill your destiny wherever you are, and in whatever set of circumstances.

Find passion! Seek it out. Find something that you can feel passionate about and do something that will bring you closer to it. It may be a volunteer commitment until you can do it professionally. Find an opportunity to share who you are and your passion every day.

And if you’re in the neighborhood on October 17th, please come up and introduce yourself!

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