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Time for a Change

I am very grateful for both of my children. Even at 20 and 24, they are a continual source of joy to me and I learn so much from them.

Yesterday at Sunday breakfast my son commented that he knew the new job he was just offered was right for him. When I asked him how he knew he said that he’s nervous. I’m sure I gave him my typical quizzicle mom look and he elaborated. When he feels a little scared he knows that he’s about to do something important. He’s not terrified – he has done similar work and he knows he can do it. He is nervous and he recognizes that in order to grow he must stretch out of his comfort zone and continue to try new things.

I’m always astounded by this wisdom. He is young and yet so wise. This short exchange has me thinking and evaluating the ways I stretch. I am considering my choices in new ways. I must tell him the impact of his words on me. I was encouraged.

It is tempting to try to evaluate where this young man got his propensity for wisdom. Was it from me? Did it come from his dad or some other close or distant relative? Suffice it to say, he is himself. He will continue to stretch and grow because this is what lights him up! His impact will be felt widely in the world – this I know.

“If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”

Anita Koddick

How about you? Do you recognize your own impact? If you aren’t having the impact you desire, perhaps it’s time to stretch a bit. What would be a good reach beyond your comfort zone?

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