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You as a Work in Progress

This week I coached with one of my favorite clients. She is a small business owner, a parent and a dedicated community volunteer. She has diligently worked with me to create goals for herself and systems to make sure she is accountable to the work of those goals. She is a very successful woman. Yet, this morning her inquiries were, Why am I still feeling unsatisfied? Why do I judge everything I do as not enough? Why can’t I be like others who seem to be happy where they are in life?
This is a common theme in coaching high achievers with high standards for themselves and others. You may well be able to relate. Her perception is that if she slows down or takes a break that her momentum will be lost and it will be mighty hard to find it again. She has been trained to work hard and strive, strive, strive. There is always lots of important work to be done!

This is not a bad way to be. After all, we need people who are willing to work hard and make a difference! On the other hand, we also need to take care along the way. No goal or plan or person is sustainable without down time. No learning can be realized without quiet time to reflect on how it’s going.

It is also part of the human condition to wish we were already “there”. Why can’t I solve this problem once and for all? That’s where the work in progress comes in. We are all making strides towards being more fully who we are. We are human beings, not problems to be solved. Give yourself a healthy dose of credit this week for the progress you are making. Give yourself a needed break to reflect on all the things about yourself that you enjoy.

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